samWhenever I mention my pen name is S.G. Kilbride, the first question I am always asked is: Well, what does the G stand for? The G is, of course, for my middle name which is Grimshaw. My full name is Samantha Grimshaw Kilbride, a name given to me by my blessed mother because she thought it sounded “presidential.” Little did she know the definition of Grimshaw is, I shit you not, “one who lingers in crypts and/or graveyards.” My name is, word for word, Samantha-Crypt-Keeper-Kill-Bride. Originally, I thought this to be awfully morbid for a vibrant young woman full of compassion and empathy for the world, but as time roams on, I am beginning to understand why a name so harsh sounding was given to a heart so soft. As a self-proclaimed warrior and advocate for the voiceless, this blog will feature my thoughts of current events, depression, love, why compassion is our greatest weapon against hatred, and a myriad of other topics. In the hope of inspiring others to share their ideas and inner discoveries, I will share my rawest thoughts on here because I believe honesty can only breed more truth in return.

Outside of writing, I can be found either reading, weightlifting, practicing jiu-jitsu, eating chocolate, snuggling my dogs, or yelling at a contestant on Chopped for making a vinegarette with ten seconds left on the clock. Along with this site, I have another blog solely for my healthy recipes and workouts called Band Geek to Bikini Model. Feel free to come hang out with me there, too.



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